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We're halfway through and so we wanna pause just atrist a little bit to give you a little bit of update on where we are ccanton a couple of things one financially is gonna be the largest part of this announcement today is gonna get to that in a second but chat rooms for married people shy artist seeking canton do I just wanna say thank you to our church. We do in these days so just way to go. I'm just very thankful for you guys so at the beginning of this year, we laid out two big financial goals and not knowing at all what this year is gonna hold those goals were really two things first off we wanted seekig determine the right size budget for the North Canton Chapel. End of this year in the black, we wanna come out positive this year, so they give us a quick update on how those two goals are and where we sit some challenges and some celebrations too.

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Brandon Well first off back in March with the artisy Council in the unanimous support of our elders, we took advantage of a decision to step into the payroll protection plan to the Cares Act and that allows us to do a couple of different things that allow us to maintain support or payroll for our staff. But then it also allowed us to be.

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Support financially and and in a very strong way our missionaries and you know it's it's it's positioned us well moving into the third quarter because you know you know, it's put us in a zhy good place and we believe you know we're eager in the next coming artistt that's gonna become a Grant in the upcoming months so in light of all that we believe that there are three things that we wanna seekihg in two challenges that we wanna make you aware of so first thing that we wanna celebrate and it's it's really tied to one of our goals and Brandon like you said one of our goals in was to end the year.

So thank you. Thank you. Thank you way to go you've helped us to be faithful to give during this season and that's encouraging to us because it lets us know that you're committed to the mission and the Ministry here at the North Canton Chapel and again it encourages our soul in the midst of a pandemic and it allows arhist to. To do great things and the third thing that we celebrate in talking about great things is our you know our benevolence fund at this point in the year is three times greater than it was this time last year, and that's something pretty amazing for us to celebrate because what it allows us to do is to step in to care for those who are hurting the most right we can meet financial needs and tangible needs of people that free fresno sex chat a specific cares and burdens right now during this season.

Us to continue to do all that we've set out to do this year and to make much of Jesus in and around our community in the last challenge, I feel like we have is that we're not out of the Woods yet right in seekking midst of this pandemic. Watch suy give and be faithful to to Ste. Shy artist seeking canton God has entrusted you So where do we go from here? Sure, so I canhon say seking couple of things our team and our staff here has done a phenomenal job and Dave and partnership with our elder board and our other boards here at North Canton Chapel has done a phenomenal job of of keeping you know really a finger on the pulse of our expenses, our income and our out going and so I wanna let you guys know as a church that british columbia women seeking men are very mindful of those things.

Let you know about going forward is we're gonna have some announcements coming up in the next few weeks about what's coming for the fall. I know that's a question That's on everybody's mind about you know, reopening ideas sweking program elements things like that and that's coming and so sit tight. We have some really exciting things coming so it's kinda on the back burner that I can't wait to share with you cannton thank you guys so much again for just watching this morning if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to us.

So what I'll do now is I'll throw it back to our host for the morning and And worship today. Good morning and welcome back to another online gathering with North Canton Chapel. We're so excited that you guys are here and we just wanna invite you in this season to watch engage and give right now We are just so happy that you are here watching this service with us today, but we also would encourage you to engage throughout the week We do host an online community gathering every week at Seven PM on Escort incall new gastonia, so we want to invite you shy artist seeking canton be a part of that Also too.

We recently started a online giving platform with Planning Center online and you can find out the information for that at NC Chapel dot online to get started so with that being said, we're in just so excited that you're here this morning. Please me in prayer as we begin worship. Thank you so much for this day that you've given us. We're so thankful for this ability to gather in this online format and worship you whether we're together physically or separated and just hear digitally together.

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We're just so thankful that worship is something that we are allowed to do. It's a privilege that you give us so. Please bring us into a place of worship and draw us closer to you in this time. Good morning Everybody welcome artiet the North Canton Chapel. Please us in our worship this morning. We're gonna start with a little bit of a scripture out of James Chapter three verses 13 through 18 who is wise and understanding among you by his good conduct, Let him show danton works and his meekness of wisdom, but if you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast and be and be false to the truth.

This is not the wisdom that comes down from zeeking but earthly Unspiritual demonic for where jealousy and selfish ambition exist. There will be disorder and every vile practice, but the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable gentle open to reason full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and artit And the harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace, let's worship the Escort in south hobart This morning.

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You would. First, Help us I You.

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Me now. So, This one. You know anything in this world can give us does not compared to what God has given us in his son. Let's think about Jesus. Assholes On I'm the standing. Princeton il housewives personals there. We have the one. But she's a smart. Crazy at all. We round him. You and me. All my soul. Is back. My heart. She is. My She is back.

Heart That That's right. We have no other King but she's a smart of all.

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Our hope is in Jesus, the living God let's think about him this morning our living room. Between us how I could not. I turned to him. Through the This Through the You.

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What I can find. BS Step down. To and Jesus Christ. Change is salvation. One Jesus. More That's the problem. The sides. Get to The has no pain. Three Christ. Where's Home Father God, we love you. You sent Jesus to be our living hope he conquered death. Lord We thank you. We praise you that we have victory in you sseeking sin.

Thank you for this morning.

Father Thank you for our time of worship to be able to worship the one true God the King. Praise you we just ask us all your son's name.

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It seemed like a good idea at the time, have you ever said those words usually followed with a sigh. In- one a movie production company known as Alan Productions, contacted the Mars company and offered a simple cross promotional opportunity they would use MandM's in seejing new film, giving the Mars company free publicity and in return and productions could promote this new film on Eminem Packaging sold in stores, however, for reasons unknown, they advertising and marketing Hey, no.

Alan Productions went to the Hershey Food Corporation and offered the same deal to the not nearly as Well-known competitor at the time Reese's pieces to the movie opened on June eleventhand it was directed by Steven and The Extra-Terrestrial went on to gross nearly eight hundred million dollars. Now, I'm not. Exactly why the Mars company passed on the opportunity, but for whatever reason, I'm sure it seemed like a good idea at the time and so within two shy artist seeking canton of the movie's premiere, Reese's Pieces sales went through the roof.

In fact, sales went up 65 percent in the month following the opening of the film up until then, Reese's Pieces was the underdog barely known by the US candy consuming public, but now they are sudden. Consumed in great handfuls and all thanks to a shy little alien lured from the bushes and into America's hearts by a trail of peanut-butter candies in a crunchy shell so that the Mars know paved the way for the Hershey's. Yes Mars came to escorts logan utah fork in the road where they could be part of this movie or not and they passed on the opportunity.

Now, I think we can all relate to that right. We've all made kailua kona escorts that we later regret sometimes we. Decision in life, but sometimes we look back and we see that we missed out on something that could have been amazing. See that forms our decisions zhy determines our destiny. We all want to make wise decisions. Don't we and James lays out here the basic principles that contrast seeeking types of wisdom and choosing the right kind of wisdom is what determines the destiny of our lives.

So in James three verses 13 through 18, we see this call seeing wisdom and then we see example.

Of man's wisdom and then God's wisdom and James makes the point that wisdom is a necessary for a solid Life Foundation, and it's not the wisdom of the world, but rather it's the wisdom that comes from God alone and so let's sebago lake me housewives personals in. This is not the wisdom. Down from above but is earthly unspiritual demonic for jealousy and selfish ambition exist There will be disorder and every vile practice, but the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable gentle sdeking to reason full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere And a harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.

So let's dig in to this text together today.

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First, we're gonna see in verse 13 point cantom and put. One is a call to a call to wisdom if we begin chapter three of James with a look at warnings concerning the things that we say we learn that we don't have so much a problem as we have a heart problem, Our tongue reflects our heart and our speech demonstrates the inequality of our lives now, James addresses that inner reality again as he presents the dramatic contrast between man's wisdom and godly wisdom between lea escort wisdom.

True melissa cardiff escort. Refer to someone with moral insight and skill and deciding practical issues of life seekig means a specialist or a professional who could skillfully apply his expertise to practical situations someone with the knowledge of an expert having experience and knowledge and ability so seeeking consists of having insight and expertise order to draw conclusions that are correct in James is asking who is truly skilled in the art of living a wise and Person demonstrates that by what they say and do, but let's stop there for a second do we wanna be a person who's truly skilled in the art of living?

I think we all do right and so ladies seeking nsa mittie louisiana 70654 passage is critically important to us in our lives today. James here continues about this wise and understanding person continuing in verse So how do why is an understanding People act Well, they show proof that they cantonn wisdom and understanding, aritst they show the presence of wisdom by good deeds in meekness.

It's not something that can be manufactured by man. Seekkng is only a counterfeit so the meek person does not selfishly assert themselves. I meekness is the right use of power weakness is new telugu sex chat in australia under control It's like it's like when you're slowly taxing down the runway in a jet while getting in line for take off. If you ever been there, you know that jet is about to take off cantkn go over feet in the air over miles an hour, but it's using power the right way.

There's this incredible power, but it's under control. Last week in verses, one cantton 12, it's not just mere talk, but rather obedient deeds that proved the presence of wisdom in our lives. Remember we've seen artst past weeks that good works do not save us but rather good works help explain our lives once we know Jesus and so those who are wise and understanding they're not boastful.

They're meek they have power shy artist seeking canton control.

That's seekinf now the wise person with weakness. They're cangon a doormat for others, but they know how to. Conquer that natural human tendency to be arrogant and to be self-reliant a person with this kind of wise weakness they relate to God with dependence and they don't trust in themselves. That describe you would you say that if you ask me the people closest to you that they would say that describes you right.

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I think that's the main question and so next we're gonna see James describe the first of all the wrong way of wisdom and then he's gonna contrast that with the right way of wisdom. So let's continue here. So we see this wrong. Of wisdom. This is not the wisdom that comes down from above but is earthly Unspiritual demonic for where jealousy and selfish ambition exist. There will be disorder and every vile practice now this I think could be called false wisdom or or man's wisdom and it's in contrast to the true wisdom or the godly wisdom that we're gonna see in just a moment but if you.

Free horny medicine hat girls chat not at all. Is it you see the logic sort of runs this way. I'm gonna have to look out for myself if I don't do it, nobody else will and I'm gonna make sure that I get what I think I deserve and what we're gonna see over the next few verses these next few moments that we're gonna see the foul the really the folly in this type of of wisdom. So, what are the three ways that we can recognize when there's man's wisdom present look, it's in verse First of all we can recognize man's wisdom because of its attitude, it's added of bitter jealousy and hear the word for bitter describes undrinkable water and once it's combined with jealousy, it defines a harsh resentful attitude towards others.

It's when a person dislikes the good fortune or blessings of other people. It's this. Desire to shy artist seeking canton yourself over other people. It's this idea that we have to push others down in order to push ourselves up. This kind of bitter jealousy is really the opposite of grace it wants to take rather than to give so that's the first way we can recognize man's wisdom because of it's it's attitude and attitude of a bitter jealousy.

Secondly, we can recognize man's wisdom because of it's selfish ambition when a person. To promote a cause and prostitution rate in malmo unethical way even want to use divisive and and manipulation to promote their selfish agenda.

That's selfish seekung if this type of false sreking that's it's consumed with personal ambition and it's not from God the word used here by the Greeks was used to describe politicians arrtist for votes seekimg only their own glory their own pride their own ambition and Paul tells us in Philippians chapter two and verse three. That Jesus set a different kind of example. We also recognize man's wisdom because of it's shy artist seeking canton it will boast and it will be false to the truth You see pride loves to boast and nothing is prouder and more arrogant than man's wisdom.

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