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Senior personalities

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Black History Month: Images of strength and beauty And she says she had to deal with micro-aggressions - everyday slights and indignities - on a daily basis. For example, a client once used a racial slur in a meeting.

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Dawid, who is one of the co-founders of consultancy Redington, said his time working in investment banking was less discriminatory.

However, black people are still under-represented in Britain's financial heart, he says. You don't see a lot of people who look like me.

Once you sort those kinks out, the water can flow freely again, he says. Obstacles include few mentors and role models for black children and numerous reasons executives give for not hiring and promoting black people. There's a seat for you there'," he says.

Senior executives say the black talent pool is too small for senior positions - a situation which has become self-fulfilling - senior personalities that skin colour shouldn't matter, as they just want to hire the best people. He says this argument only works if there is a level playing field to begin with - but there isn't. He also says some senior executives use the BAME acronym as a smokescreen.

Firms can "muddy the water" by saying they are hiring BAME people, and yet can predominantly be hiring Asian people - who already have more representation in the City than black people. David Wallis is a partner at ancy firm Deloitte, and helped to launch the company's "black action plan", which aims to educate people within the company and to nurture black talent.

He too has experienced micro-aggressions from clients. Ravish Kumar born December 5, is an Indian journalist, author and media personality. Shekhar Gupta born August 26, is an Indian journalist and author.

He is the founder and the current Editor-in-Chief of The Print. Prannoy Lal Roy born October 15, is an Indian journalist, economist, chartered ant and media personality.

Other lists will rank business leaders, sportspeople, politicians, and personalities from the civil society.