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In addition to 45 suspected prostitutes, 27 suspected solicitors were arrested in the sting operation. One was a year-old Sun City scottsddale. And another advertised herself as a former Miss Canada. They were among the 45 women arrested Thursday in the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office's prostitution raid, which swept from Wittmann to east Mesa.

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Scottsdlae companion operation netted 27 male customers. Dogs left behind after their owners were arrested for suspected prostitution were gathered at Park Central Mall. Various agencies, including the Sheriff's Pet Posse were left in charge of caring for the animals. Operation House Call targeted 33 homes and 10 massage parlors, while Operation Destiny ran a sting out of three Valley hotels, arresting men who came to pay for sex.

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Among the men were a local radio station's sales director, an airline pilot and a state correctional officer. Women arrested on suspicion of running houses of prostitution face felony charges. Men arrested on suspicion of soliciting sex face misdemeanor charges. Sheriff Joe Arpaio said prostitution stings were criticized because they targeted only the women. This time around, he went after the customers.

Phoenix man is held in killings of 6 prostitutes

Her neighbor had a Sun City Posse sponsor sticker on the door. Deputies said they proxtitutes the house partitioned by curtains, with a private area where Miller lived and an area for clients, with an inflatable mattress on a pedestal, candles and fragrance. They also found four cases of condoms.

Miller ran an ad promising "silken fingers, roaming hands" and requesting White male clients over After nakwd arrest, she admitted to a s arrest in California for prostitution and said she had been running the ad since March, deputies said. Miller declined to comment on her arrest.

Arpaio kicked off the eight-week undercover investigation after a Sept. Once the women are booked into jail, they will be kept until they are checked for any prowtitutes transmitted diseases, part of a new state requirement. While prostitution is a misdemeanor, running a house of prostitution is a felony. Deputies will decide whether to seize the women's homes and cars after more investigating, he said.

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They are checking the naekd ledgers for current customers. Dozens of suspected prostitutes and their customers were arrested in a Valleywide roundup. Deputies take notice One suspect, Kelly Beth Beach, 36, seemed to be living well beyond her means in a Tempe neighborhood of mostly retirees and professionals, detectives said. A lifted Ford F was parked in the driveway.

Detective Brandon Uptain, who coordinated that raid, said Beach could be bankrolling her lifestyle with prostitution earnings of up to several thousand dollars a week. Deputies raided her house in the block of East Malibu Drive at a.

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Beach was taken away in handcuffs 90 minutes later. Inside, deputies said, scottdsale found two of herlauding her as a "hot shot, hard body and discreet," hanging from nakev refrigerator. In theBeach, a k a "Niki Lynn," wears a black wig and little else. Deputies found handcuffs and restraints attached to her bed, which had a box of sex toys underneath. There were 11 handguns, rifles and shotguns in the house and 67 homemade videos, deputies said.

Beach was naked in bed with a year-old girls escort, but there was no he paid for sex, Uptain said.

A year-old woman staying at the house was arrested on outstanding felony warrants involving drunken driving and drugs. Beach declined to comment, but she told police she recently stopped working as a prostitute and planned to become a professional fisher.

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Uptain rated the morning arrest a success. I got all the evidence in the world.

Callers take the bait After the women scottsddale arrested, female deputies answered their phone calls, sending callers to the three hotels. Deputies also had placed for the three women: "Destiny," "Crystal" and "Brittany.

One man wanted a woman to run in sneakers to get her feet scoottsdale before donning stiletto heels; another wondered whether being in a wheelchair was a deal-breaker; and one woman wanted to in with her boyfriend for his birthday. One man called Crystal to ask if he could bring his soldier friend, maryland chat returned from Iraq. He was told not to.

Arpaio said the world's oldest profession isn't prostitktes to end anytime soon. Operation House Call Neighborhoods where prostitution arrests were made as of 6 p.