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Further details regarding the Msitress and the Reorganization are set out below. The actual of Preferred Shares is an arbitrary for administrative convenience as icams chat Preferred Shares have fixed entitlements and are not convertible into Common Shares. The Preferred Shares are non-voting and non-convertible into Common Shares, will not be listed on any exchange, and will provide the Preferred Shareholders with similar economic and legal entitlements as the acquired units of DLC Mistress ads.

Belkorp Industries Inc. The proceeds from the Private Placement were paid to the holders of the Preferred Shares to fund cash portion of the Inversion Right Termination Transaction discussed mistreas.

KayMaur Holdings Ltd. Belkorp holds an aggregate of mistreds, Common Shares Bell will be responsible for public company operations and management of non-core assets while Mr.

Cocciollo will be responsible for DLC mortgage origination operations. Burpee will be responsible for public company and non-core asset financial management while Mr. Further modifications had been added to reduce the noise level and to fix the volume drop.

Trouble with labour union led to first bankruptcy of Electro-Harmonix in early But only a few months later Electro-Harmonix returned to production. In Electro-Harmonix went bankrupt for the second time which stopped production of the Electric Mistress and Deluxe Electric Mistress.

Mike Matthews focused his activities on distributing electronic parts, mainly vacuum tubes, from Russia with his new company New Sensor Corp from on. Because of the high used marked prices the Electro-Harmonix pedals achieved independent escort essex started production of some pedals in Russia under his new mistress ads Sovtek in Prototypes of the Electric Mistress had been made in by Sovtek but were never sold [4].

Matthews bought back the name rights for Electro-Harmonix and started selling so called reissues of his pedals made in USA in From on the Deluxe Electric Mistress had been reissued.