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Looking for savannah hs girl s

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I'm not sending it to me. I stop by there and they made it for me what up peace to them. That was cool.

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Savannah Girls Varsity Wrestling

I'm not sending it to me. I stop by there and they made it for me what up peace to them. That was cool. They're doing an all women's rumble All girls Rumble Halloween.

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They got uh a girl coach coming in Lindsay doll and they're doing all girls rumble. Here with another amazing young wrestler in our country, geelong park escorts she's the pound hammer freshman over in Georgia at Bruton Parker College. She was a two-time girl sectional champ in Georgia. What's up welcome back? I know yesterday, you were just kind of in the picture for moral support. Now it's your show spotlights on you Are you ready?

Yeah, I'm ready so first of all man What a crazy year? It's got going in and out. Oh yeah. Okay, I think it's good. Well, I'm plugged into a wall of internet.

What's this year been like for you um super crazy. It's been rough. So just overall, it's been super crazy man. Not your typical off season of wrestling. No, I know um we have spoke a little bit yesterday and I know from being talking to some coaches so far, it seems like uh you're gonna have a season right. We are first competitions in 2 weeks up in Michigan Awesome.

Well, that's very cool. You must be looking forward to getting some now. So it'll be nice to get your blood going again. I'm super. Yeah good for estonian escort sherwood park now. Um you're a freshman now on the girls side. Do they do red shirt or any of that or is it straight toward they read.

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People okay now are you a true freshman and gonna wrestle you read. I'm gonna wrestle. Oh good for you now. We had a wrestle last Wednesday so you obviously won. What part Harden County Nice.

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You know I don't know if I met. I mentioned it yesterday, I had my little boy made me stop at the orchards and get um. Oh we went to um Georgia like with him like five or 6 years ago, so he was like six.

He's twelve now, but he remembered like this orchard that we went to cuz they had like this little Apple butter and he was like dad, you're going to Georgia. I'm like yeah. Can you find that place and bring me back some more apple butter so I had to find it. I did it got some Apple butter back here for him and he's been rummy on toast like. Every morning that's good, but I found some uh they do like the apple butter syrup too. You know the peach butter syrup stuff like that so to it, but uh man George is a great state.

Uh you obviously decided to stay home. You're at Bruton Parker uh but you know how did you find wrestling? How did you looking for rockville dating sex chat women into wrestling my freshman year of high school? I want to play football and looking for savannah hs girl s told me I was too small to play football that I could only be a kicker and I was like I'm not being a kicker.

I wanna like tackle somebody and they were like you're too small so my sophomore year.

One of the girls I had a class with wanted to wrestle and we went to couple practices and then I ended up liking it. Oh, so that was your story.

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Couldn't tackle in one way you're tackling now right the double eggs. What do they call the glass double right? I'm learning yeah less than mine now cut this thing down. I still like I said yesterday, I still call it rounds not periods.

Portal high girls flag football team makes semifinal for first ever championship

My son gets mad like what am I gonna do but man that's cool. So obviously the sports been good for you. You know what do you think I mean where would you be now without wrestling? Do you think you'd still be in the same situation? Ys mean where uh.

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What direction do you think you would be in the college? I thought about going in the military for a savamnah while and then when I found wrestling and then and I guess you could say got good at it. I was like this is what I wanna do and I enjoyed it so as awesome and now you're gonna do it the next level. What are some things that um that you've seen in the college practice room.

Eaton park fl adult personals know that it hasn't been a typical practice right. I mean now are you. All back in the same room and it's wrestling as usual savannan yeah, pretty much like we drill with one person and then when we go live, we get to go with other people. So we're not just having to go with one person the whole time well that's good. So it's kind of opening up for you guys.

Yeah perfect.

Yeah um but now you've transitioned savannwh where it's it's freestyle. How did you pick? Freestyle um well in high school I wrestled out during the season and then off season I wrestled on the girrl team. Okay I saw in junior year cuz my senior year I couldn't because everything got cancelled, so I didn't really have to transition into freestyle cuz I did it in high school on the national team. I had um miss Dover on and her little daughter. Something for Georgia, Yeah, I know who she is.

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Yeah, I said I know who she is, but I don't know her name. Um I had her on the show right the little girl She's nine so she she's one like everything right. He said, I can call anyone out I want. She called out this boy like I like making him cry. You know that kids going to school like oh shit.

Yeah my junior year nice. So you obviously face some adversity.


Yeah coming up. I mean what kind sex chat palestine things gjrl you do you think you face that? Probably since we're sanctioned that girls and wrestle just savannag girls and they don't have to worry about wrestling just guys and I know that's a big thing for girls because a lot of girls don't wanna wrestle the guys.

Yeah and I looking it's uh you hear both sides right you hear. I don't think there's a girl out there going no just leave us with the boys right, but you speak to most of them and maybe all of them will. It's benefited them to wrestle with boys, so I don't think they're completely anti wrestling boys, but then you I have talked to some people.

I spoke to uh a wrestling coach and she said that she didn't really wanna wrestle in high school because she didn't wanna wrestle with the boys. Now, she's a coach in college and um she's doing big things. I wounded fuck buddy in hilborough her on the show and um yeah, so I guess you hear both avenues or both thought process. But now do you would you would you do anything different coming up? Would you have stayed if you had the ability to only wrestle girls?

I had the opportunity because if I would have wrestles. Then I would have maybe wrestled like three matches all season until I got to state my junior and senior year. It's a good thing. You know you're you're at Parker College.

You're kind of uh you've obviously been there now. Two and a half months okay, so you've been back a while right.