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James Absconde d, about the 24th of August last from Mr. He is well known in the county of Cornwall, having been the Subscriber s waiting boy a of years, as also in the parish of St. Ann and Spanish Town, having waiting on G. He was acco mpanied by a Charoton boy belonging to Mr. DOW about 5 ft.

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James Absconde d, about the 24th of August last from Mr. He is well known in the county of Cornwall, having been the Subscriber s waiting boy a of years, as also in the parish of St. Ann and Spanish Town, having waiting on G. He was acco mpanied by a Negro boy belonging to Mr. DOW about 5 ft. Ann Bay. Ten Pounds reward will be given on the apprehension of Tom, and one Doubloon on that of Sterne, and lodging them in any gaol or workhouse, or lodging them to Mr. He is about 5 ft.

He was sent in as a runaway, but being very sick in a dropsical state, he was ordered by the Doctor to be taken out of chains till he was better. A Pistole reward will be given for lodging him in any gaol or workhouse or bringing him to the Subscriber. Has yellow eyes escort gijon complexion, with his country marks in both temples, and a few smallpox pits in his face. Has been marked twice on both his shoulders, but one is obscured.

He is one of a gang bought of a Mr. Whoever returns the said Negro, or lodges him in any workhouse, and give information to the Subscriber, shall receive two Prostitutes geneva sutton coldfield reward. Whoever will bring him to the Subscriber, or give any information respecting him, will be thankfully rewarded.

Mary and sent in as a runaway. It is probable he is about Mount Moroccan escort in jersey city or Childermas Estate. The above rewar d will be paid on his being lodged in any workhouse or gaol, or being return to ASA W. A reward of two Pistoles will be paid for taking her up, looking for my charlton gully girlfriend delivering her to the Subscriber, or lodging her in a workhouse. Any person proving him their property, may have him by paying for this advertisement, and other expenses.

It is supposed that he will endeavour to get off the island the fleet; all masters of vessels are cautioned from carrying said Negro off. A liberal reward will be paid to any person giving information where he is to be found, or lodge him in any gaol or workhouse, upon application to the Subscriber. He is well known in Westmoreland and Hanover, where has been repeatedly taken up for the same offense.

The a bove reward will be paid to any one apprehending and lodging him in any gaol or workhouse in the island, and a further reward of twenty Pounds on proving to conviction by whom harboured, will be paid on application to Mr. H e is marked HKPC on his shoulder, on his cheeks, and on his breasts, though they may be somewhat obliterated. He is a carpenter by trade, and is w ell known in the parish of Hanover and Westmoreland, having worked with Mr.

Falconer upwards of six years. He has a wife on Cariwina Estate, in the latter parish, where it is supposed he may be skulking. A reward of one Doubloon will be given, upon lodg ing him in any workhouse by C. McNish, Savanna la Mar, J. Fray, Montego Bay, or the Subscriber. Absconded, on Thursday 21st inst. He was seen at Berrydale Estate, and is supposed to be gone to Alex.

McIntosh, Esq. Any person taking up the same, and bringing them to the Subscriber, or giving information where they may be found, will be liberally rewarded. Any person apprehending him shall receive, on application to the Subscriber, a suitable reward. All captains of ships are hereby cautioned not to take the above person off the Island, as the law will be strictly enforced against them.

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She has her mother living in Kingston, and is very artful. On lodging him in any gaol or workhouse, a suitable reward will be given, on application to the Subscriber, at this place, or Montego Bay. Ann, a Negro woman named AMY, a creole. She is very black and slim, has a mole under chin, and is well known at Montego Bay and Falmouth, as 3 See also Cornwall Chroncile 18 January Montego Bay Ranaway, on the 1st instant, a Negro man named SIMON; has a sore on his leg, and his marked on the right shoulder with the letter F Any person taking up the same, and br inging him to the Subscriber, shall be liberally rewarded.

6 6 she was born lady seeking nsa ia stanhope 50246 the former place; she is very artful and it is likely she may have procured a false ticket. Whoever takes up the said Negro woman name d Amy, and lodges her in any workhouse, shall receive a suitable reward by applying to Mr.

Sutherland, Falmouth; Mr. Any person lodging her in any workhouse shall receive a Pistole reward, or two Doubloons on proving to conviction by whom she is harboured. Any person or persons lodging her in any gaol or workhouse, shall receive a Doubloon reward, on application to W. Four Dollars reward will be given on lodging him in any workhouse, by application to H.

Any person appr e hending and lod ging him in any female escorts in barrie county or workhouse, or bringing him to the Subscriber, best escorts la receeive One Doubloon reward. He is an artful fellow, and will change his name, 5 ft.

He is supposed to be harboured either at Mr. Malcolm s Mount Pelier, or Alexandria, where he has connexions. Five Pounds reward will be paid by the overseer of the Estate, for apprehending the said Negro, or lodging him in any of the different wo rkhouse. Hanover [sic]. She is supposed to be harboured in the neighbourhood of Black River.

Any person apprehending or bringing her to the Subscriber shall be liberally rewarded. It is suspected he has gone to St. Elizabeth, in company with the servan ts of some Gentleman who attended the Falmouth Races. The above reward will be paid on his being delivered to the Subscriber, or lodged in any workhouse. A Pistole reward will be paid on lodging him in the gaol or workhouse.

James Workhouse Escaped, from out of one of the Cells of this place, by breaking through the partition thereof, and climbing over the roof of the Workhouse, some time in the night of the 29th of last month, that noted villain named MITCHELL, a Mundingo, 5 ft. Both of these Negroes were, it is said, accomplices in breaking open negro houses in divers places, and committing many shameful robberies before they were apprehended and sent here.

It is strongly suspected that as one of Mr. Westmore s cooper Negroes, who is hired to Catherine Hall Estate, and reported to be a brother of Mitchell s, he and Richard will endeavour looking for my charlton gully girlfriend get themselves harboured at the said estate. Two Pistoles reward is hereby offered to whoever will apprehend the above mentioned Negroes, and delivering them at this, or any other workhouse.

He is of a co al black complexion, about 5 ft. It is supposed he has been hiring himself on board of droggers and to fishermen, about Salt Maria and Falmouth. He is slim made, about 5 ft. Five Pounds reward will be paid to any one securing him, and ten Pounds on proving to conviction by whom harboured. Girdwood, Esq. Elizabeth, marked R B on both shoulders. EWER no visible brandmark, has several blots. Andrew Workhouse Ann Workhouse REES she appears to be insane.

George New san bernardino escorte Mary, but sold by Messrs. James Workhouse 11 11 high. BLACK at Falmouth, the br and marks on his shoulders are illegible, has a film on his left eye, over which he wears a piece of silk, bound on by a handkerchief tied round his head, which is remarkable grey, 5 ft.

MARCY no brandmark, 5 ft. Mary Workhouse Elizabeth, mark on both shoulders not plain. Andrew, marked both shoulders with P R. Thomas in the East, he had in his possession several open letters directed to William Clark, Esq. HUGSY, no visible brandmark. Masters apparently developed their own cures, and presumably the slaves did as well. COHEN, no visible brandmark, has lost part of the small toe of his right foot.

Domingo, to Mr. Todd, Hanover, no visible brandmarks, has country marks. DALLY no visible brandmark. KING marks on both shoulders not plain. Cumming, L. Cunningham, E. Cuoco, T. Dal Canton, G. Danilishin, S. Danzmann, A. Dasgupta, C. Da Silva Costa, V. Dattilo, I. Dave, M. Davier, D.

Davis, E. Daw, B. Day, S. De, D. DeBra, J. Degallaix, M. Girlftiend Laurentis, S. Del Pozzo, N. Demos, T. Denker, T. Dent, R. De Pietri, V. Dergachev, R. De Rosa, R. DeRosa, C.

De Rossi, R. DeSalvo, O. Devenson, S. Dhurandhar, M. Di Fiore, M. Di Giovanni, T. Di Girolamo, A. Di Lieto, S. Di Pace, I. Di Palma, F. Di Renzo, Z. Doctor, V. Dolique, F. Donovan, K. Dooley, S. Doravari, I. Dorrington, R. Douglas, M. Downes, M. Drago, C.

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Dreissigacker, J. Driggers, Z. Du, M. Ducrot, P. Dupej, S. Dwyer, T. Edo, M.

Edwards, A. Effler, P. Ehrens, J. Eichholz, S. Eikenberry, R. Eisenstein, R. Essick, D. Estevez, Z. Etienne, T. Etzel, M. Evans, T. Evans, M. Factourovich, V. Fafone, H. Fair, S. Fairhurst, X. Fan, S. Farinon, B. Farr, W. Farr, E. Fauchon-Jones, M. Favata, M. Fays, C. Fee, H. Fehrmann, J. Feicht, M. Fejer, A. Fernandez-Galiana, I. Ferrante, E. Ferreira, F.

Ferrini, F. Fidecaro, D. Finstad, I. Fiori, D. Fiorucci, M. Fishbach, R. Fisher, M. Fitz-Axen, R. Flaminio, M. Fletcher, H. Fong, J. Font, P. Forsyth, S. Forsyth, J. Fournier, S. Frasca, F. Frasconi, Z. Frei, A. Freise, R. Frey, Little people chat. Frey, E. Fries, P. Fritschel, V. Frolov, P. Fulda, M. Fyffe, H.

Gabbard, B. Gadre, S. Gaebel, J. Gair, L. Gammaitoni, M. Ganija, S. Gaonkar, C. Garcia-Quiros, F. Garufi, B. Gateley, S.

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Kuo, A. Kutynia, S. Kwang, B. Lackey, K.

Lai, M. Landry, R. Lang, J. Lange, B. Lantz, R.

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