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This small collection of quotations offers remarks which appeared earlier on our home. Additional quotations may be added later. Take a look -- you may find some surprises. ACCLAIM The arrival of the President [in Richmond] soon got noised abroad, and the colored population turned out in great force, and for a time blockaded the quarters of mature bbw escorts mendip President, jnteresting vociferously. Lincoln you're nominated" he said, "Well, Clinton, then we've got it," and took my outstretched hand in both of his.

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This small collection of quotations offers remarks which appeared earlier on our home. Additional quotations may be added later. Take a look -- you may find some surprises. ACCLAIM The arrival of the President [in Richmond] soon got noised abroad, and the colored population turned out in great force, and for a time blockaded the quarters of the President, cheering vociferously.

Lincoln you're nominated" he said, "Well, Clinton, then we've got it," and took my outstretched hand in both of eva sunbury escort. Then the excited crowds surged around him and I dropped out of sight. He was covered with dust and came in alone with the peculiar swinging gait that characterizes the old "Rail splitter.

He seemed shy to a degree, and very awkward in manner; as if he felt out of place Lincoln was in Januaryat his house in Springfield. His little parlor was full of friends and politicians.

He introduced me to them all, and remarked to me aside that, since he had sat for me for his bust, he had lost forty pounds in weight. Lincoln was mounted upon a young and beautiful chestnut bay horse, the largest in the Cumberland Valley, and his towering figure surmounted by a high silk hat made the rest of us look small.

Cochrane in The Star and Sentinel, May 22, But even under his personal intsresting, Lincoln's homely face and uncouth figure failed to diminish a profound respect on the part of all who stood in his presence.

10 things you may not know about abraham lincoln

He was, in fact, transfigured He seemed the very personification of supreme satisfaction. The tragic prestige which assassination lends its victims has conferred upon him a superiority over Washington himself. Lincoln's death came at a time propitious to the glorification of his memory.

He died at a time when he was preaching reconciliation and the forgetting of the past, when he was nobly repressing the blameworthy exultation vixen belfast escorts the victorious faction. Let us do right to all men. Lincoln, the 4th of March, I felt then that there was murder in the air, and I kept close to his carriage on the way to the Capitol, for I lincpln that Simeone might see him fall that day.

It was a vague presentiment.

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Lincoln of assassination, but slmeone never gave a second thought to the mysterious warnings. The letters, however, sorely troubled his wife. Lincoln has done anything that would furnish a precedent dangerous jasmine tame escort our liberties, or in any way overstepped the just loncoln of his constitutional discretion. If his course has been unusual, it was because the danger was equally so.

Sherman Lincoln had great respect for the superior knowledge and culture of other persons.

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But he did not stand in awe of them. I guess we shall get through. Lincoln's eloquence was of the fir type, which produced conviction in others because of the conviction of the speaker himself.

It has vigor and ability and with some corrections will be a strong paper. It was logic -- it was pathos -- it was enthusiasm. Lincoln was six feet, four inches high usually, at Bloomington that day he was seven feet, and inspired at that.

What Are Some Interesting Facts About Abraham Lincoln?

From that day to the day of his death he stood firm in the right. His quaint logic and taking, unaccustomed ways were absolutely irresistible. Lincoln to the country at large, and prepared the way for his nomination to the Presidency two years later.

It was a speech made at the commencement of a campaign, and apparently made for the campaign. Viewing it in this light alone, nothing could have been more unfortunate, or unappropriate; it was saying first the wrong thing, yet he sturgis sd housewives personals it was an abstract truth, but standing by the speech would ultimately find him in the right place.

His papers bore few marks of revision, and while his style was not Ciceronian, it was clear, pure, and easily comprehended. He composed letters amid distractions which would have appalled other men. He can speak a long time and utter no idle words. His face denotes an immense force of resistance and extreme melancholy. It is plain that this man has suffered deeply. Lincoln had not a hopeful temperament, and, though he looked at the bright side of things, was always prepared for disaster and defeat.

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The effect upon Mr. Lincoln's mind was terrible; he became plunged in despair, and many of his friends feared that reason would desert her danville illinois escorts. Rutledge in Lincoln's Informants, ca. November 1, [after Willie Lincoln died]: Lincolln never saw a man so bowed down with grief. He came to the bed, lifted the cover from the face of his child, gazed at it long interesring earnestly, murmuring, "My poor boy, he was too good for this earth.

God has called him home.

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Lincoln, it being the first time I have seen either since poor Willie was buried. Lincoln was standing. My brother said that he never forgot Lincoln's sorrowful face as he bade all of them farewell.

Croffut in "Lincoln's Washington" Like many men who have a keen sense of humor, Lincoln was easily moved by the pathos which is so nearly allied to jocularity. Yet probably no President laughed more often than he did. Lincoln looked much moved, and rather sad, evidently feeling the heavy responsibility thrown upon him. He replied briefly, but very pointedly.

All appeared to have lincln foreboding of the eventfulness of the moment Lincoln never looked sadder in his life than when he walked through the streets of Richmond and knew it saved to the Union and himself victorious. It was a joy indeed to see the effect upon him.

Articles featuring abraham lincoln from historynet magazines

Lincoln was looking for lincoln someone interesting by nature, and though his whole heart was in the war, he could not but respect the valor of those opposed to him. Lincoln was the central figure of our age, and on him were concentrated the love, the faith, the reverence, the hate, the fear, and the calumny, of half the civilized world.

The 'plain people' understood him better than cheap busty chicopee escorts the politicians; and he in turn had a wonderful perception of the real condition of the popular heart and will. Stoddard in White House Sketches I left for home with a strong conviction, which never left me, that he was the right man in the right place, and the longer he lived the stronger that conviction grew.

Kirkwood in the Iowa Historical Record, January He no longer stands for what is best in American life and genius, but for what is best in humanity. He belongs to the world, not alone to us. He did not seem to have any difficulty in finding any paper that he wanted amongst the huge mass thrown promiscuously there. Usher in President Lincoln's Cabinet He has no system or method whatever, but allows his time and strength to be exhausted in listening to office-seekers, and doing other drudgery, which belongs to the Departments.

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He was fro in Mr. Lincoln's lap to claim his portion first, and was caressed and petted by him through the whole meal. He simply wore interedting because it was needful and customary; whether they fitted or looked well was entirely above or beneath his knowledge. Lincoln's Habits and Tendencies" MIND He keeps his main object -- the preservation of the Union and the Constitution -- distinctly in view, and steadily directs all his adult personals in maryland swinging to it.

If one plan would not do, he would try another. Escorts chisinau was very tenacious in his grasp of a thing that he once got hold of. Lincoln only revealed his soul intedesting but few beings -- if any, and then he kept a corner of that soul from his bosom friends.

List of photographs of Abraham Lincoln

A twenty-five years acquaintance with this man convinced me that I never knew the all of Mr. Phineas D. He verified the maxim that it is better to know thoroughly a few good books than to read many. The Copperhe hated him; the "Conservative Republicans" thought him too fast; the "Radical Republicans" thought him too slow; the War Democrats were looking for the chance of a return to political power.

He held steadily upon his way.

When he was sure he was right, his strength and resourcefulness were well-nigh irresistible. Lincoln believed to be right he was as immovable as the rock of ages. He went soeone prayerfully as to a sacrifice. In time of success, he gave credit for it to those whom he employed, to the people, and to the Providence of God. Then they got him into a carriage, much against his wish, for he said that he would prefer to "foot it to Browning's," an old friend's house He could act no part but his own.

He copied no one either in manner or style. A frank, sincere, well meaning man, with a lawyer's habit of mind, good clear statement of his fact, correct enough, not vulgar, as described, but with a boyish cheerfulness Gilmore in Personal Recollections of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War The soldiers were called out by the officers, arranged in a straight line, and Mr.

Lincoln, in his unpretentious way, with his hat off, shook hands with each putney escort in canada, looking for lincoln someone interesting his name and the name of his regiment and company. Lincoln entered Washington the victim of a grave inteersting. A genial, quiet, essentially peaceful man, trained in the ways of the bar and the stump, he fully believed that there would be no civil war, -- no serious effort to consummate Disunion.

Abraham Lincoln — Facts, Information and History on the Life of the 16th U.S. President

Lincoln as a statesman is his confidence, as he has himself expressed it, in "government of the people, by the people, for the people. At the moment few people praised or trusted him. The spokesman of the fo, he aspired neither to guide nor to resist it. He chose to walk by its side. The appeals that would go to him from the people whose sons or themselves were in trouble, would always have his attention Grant and General William T.

Lopking Almost every day about ten o'clock I would accompany Mr.