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The Activist: The nihgt desperation of Trump to cling to the seat o It has given the ruling dictatorial regimes a political argument for their adherence to power!.

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Weich was shot and killed by police.

The teller pressed the alarm and at hearing sirens Tegegne fled the bank. Outside in an alley Tegegne was confronted by an officer responding to the scene who shot Tegegne in an alley. Tegegne later died in hospital, he is suspected of having committed several other bank robberies in the area ly.

Jenson was shot in the head as he exited his vehicle. Alcohol and Prozac were found to be in Jenson's system, both within legal and therapeutic levels, respectively. Police ly stated that another vehicle was involved in the chase.

Jenson died in a hospital two days later. The case was referred to a grand jury for further escotts. Officer Helbig shot Billinger once in the chest, who was then pronounced dead at the scene. The vehicle did not cooperate and led officers on a lengthy pursuit across the state line.

The suspects' car was eventually boxed in by more than 8 police escortes lunel, but continued to try to ram its way out. When one of the officers attempting to apprehend the suspects was ngiht over, 6 of the officers opened fire, killing both occupants.

The injured officer was hospitalized with a fractured leg. The car the suspects were in was later identified as being stolen from a year-old woman in South Carolina.

Officers discovered a. The Memphis police department released the dash cam footage of the incident after the families of the deceased filed a complaint against the department.