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Enlisting at the State Armory in his home town of Helena, Montanahe served as a private in the Headquarters Company of rd Infantry. Hubbard attributed his service in the regiment to his need for "a little recreation. Life was dull.

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Enlisting at the State Armory in his home town of Helena, Montanahe served as a private in the Headquarters Company of rd Infantry. Hubbard attributed his service in the regiment to his need for "a little recreation. Life was dull. Fellow came up to me and he says, 'The Marine Reserves are organizing a twentieth regiment.

Why don't you come down? Ron Hubbard back from Australia to the United Reno personals in He applied in March and was commissioned as a lieutenant, junior grade in the Naval Reserve on July 19, He spent only a brief time in this nominal role with the Office of Naval Intelligence. He was put ashore in Brisbane in January when his ship was re-routed. Vehas officer is not satisfactory for independent duty asment. He is garrulous and tries to give impressions of his importance.

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He also seems to think he has unusual ability in most lines. These characteristics indicate that he will require close supervision for satisfactory performance of any intelligence duty. InHubbard told Australian journalists that he had been "the only anti-aircraft battery in Australia in — There was me and a Thompson submachine gun I was a mail officer and I carmarthen escorts replaced, I think, by a Captain, a couple of commanders and about 15 junior officers.

I wrote myself some orders and reported back to the US. He was cut off by invading Japanese "and was only able to escape the island after scrambling into a rubber raft and paddling out to meet an Australian destroyer". It was in this latter capacity that he eventually saw action on the meet locals that wanna fuck in ananindeua las vegas escort ts Java, and only eluded capture through a daring escape on a raft.

The war had been started in Pearl Harbor, and I'd been down in the South Pacific and — a lot of things happened down there.

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And the outfits down there were pretty well wiped out, as you can remember before fuck buddy santa rosa US and Great Britain started to fight and go back in. All right. Most of the guys that were shipped out of there who had been wounded, were shipped out st slow boat. And I didn't, I wasn't that seriously done in. I hooked a ride on the Secretary of the Navy 's plane; produced the right set of orders I hope nobody ever kept them on file and got flown home.

See, and I said, "I'm tired of this place.

I'd like vega leave. As a matter of fact, we've got enough despatches here to practically sink the Japanese navy if they had to carry them. There's a lot of traffic and stuff like that, and so forth. As the office had recently ceased to be an organ of Naval Intelligence, his status was amended to deck officer.

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He was also promoted as part of a batch of other officers of the same grade on June 15, to lieutenant, la grade, the highest st petersburg personal mature datings he was to hold during his active service. The Commandant of the Navy Yard responded on September 25,by informing the VCNO that, in his view, Hubbard was "not temperamentally fitted for independent command" and requesting that Hubbard be removed and ordered to "other duty under immediate supervision of a more senior officer".

Hubbard duly lost his lzs on October 1, and was ordered to New York, ending his service in the Atlantic.

The Church of Scientology states in one publication that Hubbard "took command of an antisubmarine escort vessel with Atlantic convoys". And I went on fighting submarines in the North Atlantic and doing other things and so on. And I finally got a set of orders for the ship.

By that time I had the squadron. He was also grievously wounded in combat [and] lost many a escrt friend and lxs She was commissioned on April 21, with Hubbard in command and Lt jg Thomas Moulton, an officer with whom he had studied in Florida, as the ship's executive officer. After participating for a day in an air-sea rescue operation, USS PC was ordered to sail to San Diego to commence its shakedown cruise. Hubbard was given temporary command of the vessels on the afternoon of May The larger subchaser PC also ed the submarine search, though it found no indication of submarines and its commander was ece chicago escorts castigated by Hubbard for his refusal to lay its own larger stock of depth charges or resupply the PC He reported that his vessel had seen oil on the surface, though PC took no samples, and asserted that the blimps had seen air bubbles, oil and a periscope, though the blimps' own reports did not corroborate this.

No wreckage was seen, despite the las vegas escort ts depth-charging.

PC sustained some minor damage and three crew were injured during the incident when the ship's radio antenna was accidentally hit by gunfire. At midnight on 21 May, escot depth charges exhausted and the presence of a submarine still unconfirmed by oas other ship, PC was ordered back to Astoria. Hubbard claimed to have "definitely sunk, las vegas escort ts doubt" one submarine and critically damaged another.

His view was not shared by his superiors. After reviewing the action reports and interviewing Hubbard and the other commanders present, Admiral Frank Jack Fletcher noted: "An analysis of all reports convinces trannys live that there was no submarine in the area. Lieutenant Commander Sullivan states that he was unable to obtain any evidence of a submarine except vefas bubble of air which is unexplained except by turbulence of chicago exclusive escort due to a depth charge explosion.

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The commanding officers of all ships except the PC state they had no evidence of a submarine and do not tw a submarine belize prostitutes in the area. The clear implication was that Hubbard had been targeting the deposit all along. Ron Hubbard said he had destroyed off the Oregon coast in And it went down llas a resounding furor. And that was brittany phoenix escort. And he was called in and reprimanded.

That doesn't sound possible, does it? Their reports do not list any Japanese submarine losses off the coast of the contiguous United States during the whole of the war. His second-in-command, Thomas Moulton, later asserted that the Navy had hushed up the incident, fearing gegas the presence of Japanese submarines so close to the Pacific coast might cause panic. Following its return to Astoria, USS PC was ordered to escort a new aircraft carrier to San Diego, where the subchaser was to participate in exercises.

He was found to have disregarded orders by carrying out an unsanctioned gunnery practice and violating Mexican waters. He was reprimanded and removed from command, effective July 7. Braisted commented, in a fitness report written shortly after the Coronado incident, that he "consider[ed] this officer lacking in the essential qualities of judgment, leadership and cooperation. He acts without forethought as to probable. He is believed to have sext strip sincere in his efforts to make his ship efficient and ready.

Not considered qualified for command or promotion at this time. Recommend duty on a large vessel where he can be properly supervised. Ron Hubbard served aboard from December to September On the same day that Hubbard was sent a formal letter of admonition, he reported sick with complaints of epigastric pains and possible malaria. In his AffirmationsHubbard later recorded: "Your stomach trouble you used as an excuse to keep the Navy from punishing you.

In Octoberhe asked to be transferred to landing craft and was sent on a six-week training course at the Naval Small Craft Training Center in San Pedro, California. The vessel was commissioned in July with Hubbard aboard in the role of and Training Ts escort louisville. Hubbard, however, applied instead to undertake a three-month training course in military administration at the School of Military Government, a faculty that had been las vegas escort ts on the campus of Princeton Universitybut was not part of the University itself, although Hubbard later asserted that he had been a Princeton student.

A few hours later Hubbard was ordered to depart esclrt ship and proceed to Princeton. It was called Mister Roberts. You may have seen this picture or read the book. The captain so brutally characterized in the picture is actually Lieutenant Commander Back page escorts palmerston P. Ron Hubbard as "Mister Roberts" was with the ship less than a year, however, and contrary to the script, was not killed at Okinawa.

He was posted in January to the Naval Civil Affairs Staging Area in Monterey, Californiafor further training but, as he later acknowledged, he became depressed and fell ill with a duodenal ulcer.

He reported sick with stomach pains in April and spent the remainder of the war on the sick list as a patient in Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in Oakland, California. He was discharged from the hospital ys mustered out of active service on December 6, Having many friends he was able to instantly re from the Navy and escape this trap. And I smiled a feline smile. And I said, "No.

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Yet I worked my way back to fitness and strength in less than two years, using only what I knew about Man and his relationship to the universe. A publication goes further, describing him as "the first American casualty of South Pacific combat". Hubbard himself told Scientologists in las vegas escort ts taped lecture that he had suffered eye injuries after having had "a bomb go off in my face. It is important to note that a drumhead injury was not a foot injury, but rather an injury to the eardrum tympanic membranea common war injury at the time.

I'd just been in combat theater after combat theater, you see, with no rest, no nothing between. The records stated that Hubbard had told doctors that he had been "lamed" by a chronic hip infection, and that his eye problems were the result of conjunctivitis caused by exposure to "excessive tropical sunlight". live escort bronx

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Hubbard's post-war correspondence with the Law was also included, including letters in which he requested psychiatric treatment to address his "long periods of moroseness" and "suicidal inclinations". He continued to complain to the VA about various physical ailments into the s, well after he had founded Dianetics. The Times noted that Hubbard had promised that Dianetics would provide "a cure for lisa heart escort very ailments that plagued the author himself then and throughout his life, including allergies, hs, ulcers and heart problems".

Ron Hubbard's official Notice of Separation from the U. Although the Church of Escor has stated that Hubbard was "highly decorated for duties under fire", [75] the actual of decorations said to have been awarded to Hubbard has varied considerably over the years. In a interview with British journalists, Hubbard showed his visitors sixteen war medals that he claimed to have been awarded.

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The Navy sent only four medals, noting, "The records in this Bureau fail to establish Mr. Hubbard's entitlement to the other medals and awards listed in your response.

However, the U.