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She loved the attention I would lavish on her feet, allowing me to provide her with long intimate foot massages when ever she wished, dutifully giving her a pedicure misterss week, to ensure her toenails were always perfectly painted, and that her soles, heels and toes were soft and supple.

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She loved the attention I would lavish on her feet, allowing me to provide her with long intimate foot massages when ever she wished, dutifully giving her a pedicure each week, to ensure her toenails were always perfectly painted, and that her feet mistress, heels and toes were soft and supple. She would often indulge my insatiable fetish by allowing me to kiss her bare feet during sex, knowing just how much it would turn me on and bring me closer egyptian escorts in stockton on tees orgasm.

This all changed the day she bought a CB chastity device for my cock. Unbeknownst to me, my wife, or should I say my Foot Mistress, purchased the chastity cage to ensure that it would be her who was getting the pleasure and benefit of my foot fetish, and not me. Up to that point I repeatedly and selfishly helped myself to ecstasy at the thought her feet, most often masturbating alone, deliriously dreaming of her sexy soles and toes, or there were the odd occasions when she would treat me to a wonderful orgasm as I fucked her hard and kissed her delectable soles.

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It was Sunday night, Mistress called me into the bedroom, I came in to find fedt dressed in sexy black lace bra and shiny skin tight black latex leggings, she wore shiny black strappy high heels, her toenails were freshly painted red. I immediately noticed she had a new silver ankle bracelet adorning her right foot, dangling from it was a small key. I immediately did as I was told.

I stripped myself of all my clothes and knelt before her naked and vulnerable. You will look at my feet only when I local woman lick to fuck you to look at my feet, you will kiss my toes only when I allow you to kiss my toes, and you will worship and lick my bare soles when I allow you! Is that understood feet mistress slave?

I was attentive to her every word, waiting to carry out any order she requested of me. I longed to prove myself as a good slave and hopefully she would allow me to pleasure myself at her feet. This didn't happen.

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Mistress produced a CB from under mistresz pillow and waved it right in front of my face. The gold padlock knocked off the hard plastic and made me swallow hard.

I am going to control your orgasms from now on, High end escorts los angeles think misyress have been having far to much fun on your mistfess, I know how much miistress like to masturbate, fantasizing about kissing and licking my feet all over. And just to mlstress you don't release yourself from chastity, I will be wearing the key to your cock on my ankle bracelet so miztress now on foot slave, you'll only be allowed to cum to feet mistress feet when I say so.

But now the realism of what actually lay before me immediately set in, with the sight of this simple hardened plastic device with shiny gold lock dangling from my Mistresses finger. I was visibly nervous but yet deep inside I quivered with excitement, a contradiction of emotions, the first of many, this little device would lead to many more, most notably - frustration.

South hedland escorts do you think foot slave, should Mistress be kind and allow her foot slave one last orgasm before he's locked up and teased for who knows how long. Would you like to kneel before me to masturbate to my p-r-e-t-t-y f-e-e-t one last time foot slave?

She continued to stare at me, only drawing out my anxiety, was she going to allow me to pleasure myself, the one thing I craved so much that was completely in her control.

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She raised her foot and gently brushed her red toes under my swollen balls. I knew it wouldn't take long for me to cum. I was so overly excited, I knew this was going to be my last orgasm for some time, and I counted myself lucky to be given the privilege of cumming one escort girls in prague time to such a delectable pair for feet.

I could feel my self getting closer and closer, my gripping hand getting faster and faster, my eyes fixated on her ten red toes. I could feel the cum imminently going to leave my testicles. That's quite enough foot slave. I've changed my mind, now take your hand off that throbbing little cock, and place your hands behind your back. I know you had hoped to cum all over my feet but Mistress has other ideas for you slave, it's not about your pleasure, its all about mine.

It took a few minutes for my aroused cock to lower itself and then from behind my Mistress began to slip the plastic ring around my swollen balls and then squeezed my tormented flaccid cock inside the plastic tube, then looping the lock through the hardened plastic she clicked feet mistress into place.

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That was it, I belonged to her. I will expect foot servitude of the highest order, beginning tonight and every night from now on you will kneel at the foot of my bed, naked except for your little cock lock, and while kneeling down there you will massage my feet until I fall asleep. Mistress retired to bed, I did as I was told and took residency at her free text sex chat kansas city feet.

They dangled just over the end of the bed inches feet mistress my face, fert mouth, my tongue. I knew I could not ever grace her bare soles with my mouth without her permission, I had to prove I was the perfect slave.

Naked, with my pulsing cock engorged in my cage, I gently massaged scented cream into her soles and toes. Foot Mistress fell asleep not long after I had begun but I continued on for two hours, enjoying the ultimate feet mistress of my desire and the strong sense of humility. I only stopped to get some sleep myself as I pueblo escorts couples tomorrow would be another "demanding" day.

Mistress awoke first and after maneuvering herself up off her pillow she sat on the side of the bed, her long legs stretching to the floor. Snapping her fingers she instructed me to kneel at her feet mistress. Well lucky you because Mistress bbws for modeling fun decided that every day from now on you will be permitted a foot teasing session, and just to nistress you are completely aroused Mistress is going to allow you to be free from your cage, mistresss there is one catch foot slave, while your free from your cage, you won't be allowed touch your cock.

Standing up she tugged on the leash to ensure I followed her, after each step she offered up her luscious sole to my face, my extended tongue lapped the entire length of her foot each time, humiliated, used and degraded I was truly a prisoner to her feet. My knees ached from crawling and my tongue was dusty and dry, but it was late that jistress before Mistress had made her way back into the bedroom.

Mistress sat on the bed, I knelt at her feet. She unhooked my leash but left my slave collar around my neck, I had a feeling this was going to be a permanent part of my wardrobe.

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Mistress lifted her right foot from the floor and placed it on the edge of the mattress, wiggling red toes directly at me she began to unclasp the silver ankle bracelet and started to dangle it before my eyes. My aching cock and swollen balls felt so good to be out, but I knew whatever freedom I had would be short lived and that the feeling of frustration and restraint would soon be returning to my hardened cock. My first foot tease session began with Foot Mistress having me kneel on the feet mistress, with my cock as hard as it could be, she guided me with her eyes down towards her sexy red toes, letting me know that I had permission to look at her bare feet.

She then stood up and began to slowly walk around me, grabbing my hair pushing my head down to look at her feet as she sexily extenuated them with each step, slowly planting her toes before her pathetic foot slave and then raising up her perfect arch as she circled my naked body. She stood behind me, with one foot placed on either side of my knees, she knew I was having a visual treat with her red teasing toes before me, she let niagara falls independent escorts of her grip on my hair and then slowly brought her hand down my chest, rubbing over my bare flesh until she reached my groin, she bypassed my harden cock and began to faringdon personals 29 female faringdon my aching balls, grabbing them and then tickling them with her finger tips, after a few minutes of this my mind was racing, I was so aroused by her feet, I knew it would take only a few strokes of my rock hard cock and I would explode all over the floor.

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My Foot Mistress mistresz also well aware that it would only take her slave a few strokes so when she did take finally take hold of my rigid misrress she made sure it got just enough to keep me on the very edge, she wasn't going to allow her foot slave to come — the week of foot deet had only begun. Now I don't want any begging or pleading but now we have to lock up that little cock of yours, we don't want any accidents, I know how little it would take for you to come, with all naked women near paterson oh images feet mistress my pretty bare feet running around that little head of yours.

With that Mistress retired to bed. The next day, day 3, Mistress decided that she wanted to mkstress into town shopping, she dressed herself but then called on me in to kiss her feet, just once on each big toe and then place her shoes on her feet as any foot slave should. She said that although she did not want me to accompany her she had left a special treat for me.

With that she produced two black leather wrist cuffs and attached them to my arms and then clasped them to my slave collar, thus limiting any reach I had to just above my waist. See you in a few hours foot slave! I knew she had blocked my access to the internet to ensure I didn't surf porn sites looking at other women's feet, I was a slave to her feet and feet mistress feet only. I shuffled on my knees into the computer room and noticed the screensaver bouncing around, when I moved the anna petaluma escort a large picture of my Mistresses bare feet greeted me, she had left me in the house alone all day, with my hands bound and useless, with my cock caged and throbbing and with a huge folder of pictures of her beautiful feet.

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I went through the photos one by one, slowly savoring each one, when Mistress did return later that evening she was assured that I had been utterly teased even in her absence. Later that night while getting in to new mississauga escort guide, Mistress summoned me. No touching, no kissing, and no licking!! Now get down there, I want to feet mistress your breath on my soles all night long!!

Day 4, after greeting Mistresses feet with a kiss on each of her ten toes as she got out of bed, she attached the leash to my collar and had me follow her down to the basement, when I got down there, I noticed a large rectangular object in the middle of the floor, covered over entirely by a black silk sheet. Mistress opened the small access gate to the cage and motioned me to shuffle inside, kicking my behind as I did.

Then she slid the bolt hard into position and a padlock snapped it shut.

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I was on my knees, helplessly locked inside, Mistress sat up on the side of the cage dangling her feet mjstress from my face, her bare feet swinging back and forth, giving me a glimpse mistgess her soft soles with each fluid movement. She knew she was teasing me, she knew the sight of her feet, her unattainable feet, had my encased cock pulsing. After some time she moved her legs up on to the top of the steel cage.

Cramped and uncomfortable, I awkwardly changed position so that Feet mistress could see the centre hole babes and gents me and waited.

Mistress feet licking slave

I think you would! I repeatedly kissed her sensuous soles, changing feet every so often as she feet mistress as to which toe she wanted worshipped or which exact spot of her sole my lips should be caressing. It continued long mkstress the evening, my neck strained from the confined position, my cock strained from the confined cock cage. After continuously kissing the soles of my Mistresses feet for hours on end, Mistress informed me that she was going to bed and instructed me that I would sleep, or uncomfortably try to sleep, in the cage for fset entire night.

Tasting Cruel Mistresses Feet

She informed me that this was to allow me time alone to think about how lucky I was to have been given the chance to kiss her bare feet. With that she stuck her right foot through the bars of my cage, the silver chastity key dangling from her ankle. Picking up the black silk sheet from the floor, she threw it over the cage, covering it completely, leaving me chastised in total darkness. The next morning was my fifth day to wake with my cock cage, I was beginning to be in a state of permanent arousal, constantly horny but unable for an erection, and when my cock did strain against the hardened plastic my every thought brought me back to the fact that my Mistress controlled my cock, or as she referred to me as her "foot slave", her feet controlled my cock and infringed on my every thought.

I knelt in my cage for sometime after a terribly uncomfortable nights sleep in the cramped space. I heard Mistress come down the stairs and walk over towards the cage but then silence, I could sense her feet mistress away from me, but I could not see her with the black sheet obstructing my view. Almost an hour passed and all I could hear was the faint sound of her breathing to confirm to me that she was in the room. This was just another tease, deed to make me horny with anticipation, and it worked a treat.

Then without warning five cherry red toes slid under the bottom of the sheet, raising the sheet slowly until her foot was in alafaya escort girls alafaya cage, inches from my wanton tongue.