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Sub Lt E. Arranged by rate and by Mess it gives a snapshot of the Ship's compliment of men in July There is missing persons shawnee crew list for Westminster but see the list of decorations awarded during the war. Darwall RN in October when Lt. Some of them can be seen on this web site. His Midshipman's Journal covering the period from when he ed Westminster on 23 December to 9 March has been transcribed by Mike Lewis, the son of a rating on Westminster, and published on this web site.

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Sub Lt E. Arranged by rate and by Mess it gives a snapshot of the Ship's compliment of men in July There is no crew un for Westminster but see the list of decorations awarded during the war. Darwall RN in October when Lt. Some of them can be seen on this web site.

His Servixe Journal covering the period from when he ed Westminster on escort chandler az December to 9 March has been transcribed by Mike Lewis, the son of a rating on Westminster, and published on this web site. He wanted to the Navy up but they only offered him the Army so he waited until he was called up and they agreed to let him the Navy.

HMS Westminster was his first ship. He ed her at Portsmouth while she was being repaired after Dunkirk in the Summer They were "pushed for space" and he slept on the steam capstan at first.

They never picked up submarines but often detected wrecks, their ping sounded different. The E-boats tended to be waiting for them just off Aldeburgh before they turned into the Thames estuary. The E-boats sank one or two merchant ships on each convoy. He remembered a near aestminster when he saw a torpedo go past their stern.

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They attacked at night, came in fast and were off again immediately. By the time the starshell came down they were gone. They just fired esscort them and hoped for the best. They brought one plane down.

Other areas in this region

They often had a Blenheim as an escort not fighters which kept the enemy away. The Forth estuary up to Rosyth was also mined abnd was being swept all the time. He liked the Westminster and servie the officers. The bearded setvice lieutenant used to bet a bottle of whiskey on the of football east indian friend to chat against other ships at Rosyth. After a year with Westminster he volunteered to serve on Motor Launches.

He trained at Campbeltown and ed ML at Brightlingsea. The MLs were armed with Oerlikons and twin Lewis guns and also had depth charges. They had bunks instead of hammocks on the ML.

wrstminster They went to Falmouth and serice ed the CO on a Commando esscort and learned they would take part in a raid on St Nazaire. They went on a trial trip to the Scilly Isles in dreadful weather the Commandos were all sick but had beautiful weather on the crossing to St Nazaire. Sixteen motor launches, two destroyers and the Campbeltown took part in the raid.

ML was one of the eight motor launches in the 28th Motor Launch Flotilla. They had a nice easy passage until they neared the Loire. Hung black ladyboys defence was supposed to have been softened up by an air raid, but it came too soon and alerted the defence making things worse. They were fired at from both sides of the river as i need to chat with someone ascended the Loire to the Old Mole.

They were the only ML to make it to the Molethe petrol tanks stored on deck to increase their range caught fire on the others and they had to turn back. They tied up at the Old Mole landed their Commandos, a demolition escort service in north westminster of about ten or twelve who set off without first tackling the Germans in the Pill Box. The twin Lewis guns, their only defence, jammed and the Germans dropped hand grenades on the bridge which took the skippers leg off and killed or severely wounded all the others on the bridge.

The Skipper gave orders to push off from the Mole, they were hit on starboard side and caught fire.

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They were worried the fuel tanks on the deck would explode and he ordered them to abandon ship. Dyer was untouched, swam to the Carley Raft, but the tide was washing them out to sea; they tied up to the mast of a wreck, boarded the wreck. The Skipper died and and another man simply said "goodbye" and slipped into the sea and was gone. The Germans came and picked them up at dawn. Dyer was unwounded but very cold; they were put into an air raid shelter and "all of a sudden they heard the big bang, the Campbeltown had blown".

He left school in a few months short of his sixteenth birthday and worked in a solicitor's office for a few months.

The story of the grave of the unknown warrior

He tried to the Army as a Despatch Rider but was told to come back "when he changed his nappies"! He crossed the road to the Navy Recruiting Office and when they learned he could take norfh Morse at 18 - 20 words a minute they took him without asking about servlce age. He and his brother had learned Morse by sending messages between their bedrooms.

When he was seen doodling in class because he already knew Morse and was bored he was sent to Leydene House, Fuck buddy hayden idaho, on a two week coding course and posted to HMS Westminster at Rosyth in November He spent fourteen months on East Coast Convoys, from Methil on the Firth of Forth to Sheerness on the Thames estuary, and estimated that Westminster did 66, miles secort that time.

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Her 4. The convoys of up to twenty ships assembled at Methil and met the escort force of two destroyers and two trawlers serice the Isle of May. The Senior Officer escorts in rockford illinois the Escort, Lt. Depending on the speed of the convoy set by the slowest ship it took from 8 - 10 days to reach Sheerness. The main danger was from E-boats which wesstminster a top speed of 40 knots and mainly attacked at evening or night.

Westminster escorts

When they came within range of the E-boats, south of Grimsby, they followed one of four channels behind the East Coast minefield, labelled A to D. Channels were often closed while they were swept for mines laid by the E-boats. They occasionally called in at Grimsby and sometimes continued round the south coast to Portsmouth.

A Petty Officer Telegraphist was in charge of four telegraphists, two per watch. The photograph on the left is of P. Stan Hanniford was another member of his team. Two Hungarian interpreters who spoke German shared the office and listened in on voice frequencies to the E-boats.

On one occasion Mick servjce the Hungarian coder turn white when an e-Boat asked permission to fire at the escorts. On arrival at Sheerness sydney australia escorts left immediately to take a waiting convoy north but generally spent a couple of days at Rosyth for maintenance and repairs which allowed time for a trip to the Church Hostel in Dunfermelin for a bath and relaxation. On his first trip south, being very young, he did not hear the alarm go off and slept right through an attack.

He remembered one man being half washed overboard and then washed back. Westminster was not attacked but occasionally lost a merchant westmintser.

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Derek Tolfree described in his servicd how Westminster and sloop Widgeon attacked and "routed" a strong e-boat force off the east coast on the morning of the 15 April On leaving Westminter he was sent on short courses at Leydene House, Peterfield, and posted edcort the Combined Operations station at Sheerness. She was powered by two HP Paxman Ricardo diesel engines and commanded by a lieutenant who had a junior officer, a Coxon, a motor mechanic with assistant and Mick Baron as telegraphist.

They took her through the Irish Sea to Falmouth and loaded Canadian tanks for the Normandy beaches on D-Day but this was cancelled without explanation. They broke down in the Bay of Biscay and had to call in at neutral Portugal where they went ashore for two hours in civvies. The LCT could chesapeake beach md adult personals do 4.

They were at Gib for a month and spent a few weeks in Malta where they celebrated VE Day before continuing to Alex and through the Suez Canal to Kabrit where they heard the news of the Atom bomb being dropped on Japan. They esfort the LCT and returned to Britain on troop carriers. On arrival further courses at Petersfield were followed by a posting to Arbroath on Air Sea Rescue boats where he was stationed until he was demobbed.

Home and back to his parents at Reading but he needed a job and the Admiralty offered him one at the Y-Station intercept station at Scarborough weshminster they did a lot of "naughty things".

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They picked up als from Russia, mostly naval and diplomatic. At first they took them down by hand but switched to typewriters later and sent the als to Blethchley for deciphering. That was Mick Baron's job for forty years.

Computers came in in s. In he was sent to the Ascencion Islands to intercept Argentinian traffic during the Falklands War. Michael Baron's wartime local hotties in austria as a telegraphist became his lifelong occupation and he has lived in Scarborough since moving there to work for Sigint at the Y-Station when the war ended.

He was 92 when he died at his home in Scarborought shortly before Christmas They are reproduced here by kind permission of Clifford Fairweather and his publisher, Avalon Associates. Copyright remains with the authors and photographers who are credited where known.

weshminster At that time the Baltic was strewn with mines laid by the Russians and Germans and it was not to be long before casualties would occur.