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My wife Lydia is Italian and very petite.

Age: 45
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My wife Lydia is Italian and very petite.

One Saturday in July we had a cookout. Normal scene.

Family, friends, and some people we worked with. By evening all the people had left, except my boss.

He was a few years older than me, bigger build, and apparently over the limit to drive. Lydia told Serge my boss he could spend the night in our guest room, not to worry.

The evening grew late; Lydia excused herself to go to bed. After showing Serge cuckolc the room was, and making sure he had everything he needed, I entered into our bedroom. As I climbed into bed I was pleasantly surprised.

Lydia had changed into a very sexy babydoll. We lay in each others arms kissing, and fondling each other.

Lydia worked her way down to my cock and licked me until I thought I was going to explode. I told her I wanted to cudkold her.

She giggled as she climbed up my body. Kissing me, she asked