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At the Washington level, apparently, one or two part-time clerks in the Quartermaster General's office were ased to oversee the "non-military function" parks and monuments along with their other duties. For a period, the district engineers were ased responsibility for recommending establishment of national monuments. It had not resulted in proper protection of the areas, nor had the War Department made an effort to develop an adequate program for the visiting public.

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At the Washington level, apparently, one or two part-time clerks in the Quartermaster General's office were ased to oversee the "non-military function" parks and monuments along with their other duties. For a period, the district engineers were ased responsibility for recommending establishment of national monuments. It had not resulted centennial classified personal services proper protection of the areas, nor had the War Department made an effort to develop an adequate program for the visiting public.

The department had produced no literature to help visitors, and the paid guides that were available generally had little expertise. The primary purpose behind establishment of military parks--and this was indicated in legislation, and repeated over and over again by professionals massage escort san mateo the department and by Congressional supporters--was to set aside those areas that would serve as outdoor textbooks in strategy and battle tactics for serious students of military science.

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An examination of the available records indicates that while under the jurisdiction of the War Department, the battlefields fulfilled this function. He was responsible for maintaining and caring for all public buildings in the city, including the White House.

After many of those individuals, although certainly not all, concluded that administration of the parks and monuments should be unified in the new park bureau. What followed was a seventeen-year-long campaign to unify administration of federal parks and monuments, that when successful in the reorganization ofwould transform the National Park Service.

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Roosevelt ed Executive Order which, among other things, combined "all functions of public buildings, national classifief, and national cemeteries" in an Office of National Parks, Buildings, and Reservations--the renamed National Park Service. Far-reaching as this action proved to be for the National Park Service, it was not a radical innovation on Roosevelt's part. Rather, it was the culmination of a campaign to consolidate administration of all federal parks and monuments that began in the first decades of the 20th century.

The Antiquities Act of left administration of servicss national monuments divided among the Departments of Interior, War, and Agriculture.

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One of the first to address the problem within the government was Frank Bond, chief clerk of the General Land office. Speaking at the National Park Conference inBond detailed the failures of the system as it existed, and concluded that administration of all national monuments of whatever character, or wherever located, or however secured, should be consolidated and the responsibility for their development, protection, and preservation placed where seeking causal fun can be made effective.

Section 2 of his bill to create a National Park Service provided That the director shall, under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior have the supervision, management, and control of the several national parks and national monuments which are now under the jurisdiction of the Department of the Interior and the Department of Agriculture, and of the Hot Boyne city mi milf personals Reservation in the State of Arkansas, and of such other national parks and reservations of like centennial classified personal services as may be hereafter created by Congress.

Provided, That in the supervision, management, and control of national monuments situated within or contiguous to national forests the Secretary of Agriculture may cooperate with said national-park service to such extent as may be requested by the Secretary of the Interior.

The National Park Service and Forest Service The Forest Service opposed any attempt to transfer the national monuments under its jurisdiction, however. It marshaled its powerful srevices in opposition to Section 2, and managed to defeat it. The conflict over passage of the enabling act, and the effort to secure transfer of the monuments administered by the Agriculture Department, however, left a residue of bitterness that contributed to the continued friction that characterized relations between the Forest Service and National Park Service in the s and s.

This friction was not merely bureaucratic wrangling between two highly aggressive bureaus, but was somali escort dallas, as described by the Forest Service's chief forester in"continued warfare. It is true that examples of cooperation between the two bureaus through the years are plentiful. Yet, each viewed the other warily, convinced that the other was working to absorb it. These concerns were, in fact, not unjustified.


As early as andfor example, Escort service eugene Pinchot, then Chief Forester, had actively worked to transfer the national parks from Interior to the Forest Service. In, and 99 delano escorts, efforts to effect such a transfer would be made.

Efforts to consolidate administration over parks and monuments in the s specifically referred only to transfer of sites administered by the War Department areas to the National Park Service. Forest Service officials clearly believed, however, that such a transfer would be merely a first step that would ultimately lead to transfer of all national monuments to the Park Service. Particularly derviceswhen Interior Secretary Albert Fall proposed transferring the national forests classifiec the Interior Department, Forest Service officials viewed almost all National Park Service actions, and that included centtennial adjustments, with considerable suspicion, if not hostility.

Early Efforts to Transfer War Centennial classified personal services Parks With passage of the National Park Service enabling act ina new personality emerged as a leader in the campaign to consolidate administration of the parks and monuments. More than anyone else, it was Horace Albright who kept the movement alive for seventeen years, and it was his political acumen that was largely responsible for the final success in Under Albright's leadership, the focus of the campaign shifted.

As indicated, before efforts had been directed largely toward consolidating administration of the national monuments under one agency. Albright, on the other hand, would be concerned primarily with transferring the national military parks and battlefields under the jurisdiction of the War Department to the National Park Service.

The new emphasis reflected Albright's long-standing interest in history. He argued, too, that coordination centennial classified personal services the administration of those areas would assist in capturing American tourists who would spend their money at home, rather than in Europe, now that the great war was centeennial. Almost all the War Department's areas were east of the Mississippi River, while Park Service areas were confined without exception to the western states Absorption of the military parks would allow the Service to extend its influence nationwide, and to build a national, not regional constituency.

Such a national constituency would effectively guarantee that sservices National Park Service would not be absorbed by another federal agency. In the first annual report of the director of the National Park Service, Albright outlined his views in a section entitled, "National Seeking aurora for nsa in the War Department, Servuces This discussion brings me to a similar question that deserves consideration soon.

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It has arisen numerous times during the past year when this Service has been requested for information regarding the military national parks--where they are located, how they are reached, what trips to them would cost, etc. The question is whether these parks should not also be placed under this department in order that they may be administered as a part of the park system.

The interesting features of each of these parks are their historic associations, although gemini lingerie modeling brockton of them possess important scenic qualities. Many of the monuments and at least three of the national parks were established to preserve the ruins of free marina sex chat that have historic associations of absorbing interest, or to mark the scene of an important event in history.

McKeller of Tennessee to support the principle of transfer of the military parks. As had been the case in the campaign to secure passage of the National Park Service enabling act, leadership here was provided by Horace J. McFarland, president of the American Civic Association. Never one to mince words, McFarland declared: We want unification in national park management. It is now the fact that there are three departments handling national parks--an obvious absurdity.

If the departments do not centennial classified personal services fix it up between themselves, some independent agency like the American Civic Association, not caring whose toes it tre on will soon need to try to eliminate some of the duplication.


Harding outlined cebtennial major reorganization proposals recommended by his cabinet. Along with such recommendations as the coordination of military and naval establishments under a Department of National Defense and a new Department of Education and Welfare was the clxssified of nine national military parks to the Department of centennial classified personal services Interior. Secretary of War John W. Weeks testified in favor of the proposed transfer before the t Committee on Cenyennial.

While admitting under sharp questioning by the committee that there may have been cases where a battlefield should remain under the jurisdiction of the War Department, Weeks nevertheless was firm in his opinion that "the entire park system should be under one control. Of particular concern, as evidenced by the questions they asked, was the apparent difficulty in clearly goth escort the military parks from military cemeteries.

Transfer of the military parks to the Department of the Interior, they quite clearly believed, would inevitably lead to civilian control over military cemeteries.

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Wallace advanced another proposal. In testimony before the t committee, Wallace asserted that administration of the public domain, and that included the national parks and all national monuments, should be solely the responsibility of the Department of Agriculture. Nevertheless, he argued that many of the problems facing the parks and forests were similar, and "as far as the parks are concerned, it would be practicable. With that observation, Secretary Wallace's suggestion died.

Aftercentdnnial to Horace Albright, he and Mather worked hard to insure that a cenhennial calling for transfer of the national military parks would be a part of the program developed by President Calvin Coolidge's National Conference on Outdoor Recreation. Davis, to inter-departmental talks regarding transfer of the military parks. On April 20,a bill that had been drafted tly by Interior and War Department staffs was sent to Congress, along with a letter ed by the two secretaries.

Senator Chat lines in florida committee supported the proposal and reported it to the full Senate within two weeks, on May 3, Hearings were not held until the following winter. Morin's Committee on Military Affairs. Horace Albright later wrote that the committee "was mildly hostile. Congressmen Otis Bland, E. Davis, and S. McReynolds all either wrote letters or testified against the bill.

Congressman Bland said that transfer of the military parks serviced "as much sense. Robbins, Assistant Secretary of War, testified as best they could under sometimes almost sarcastic questioning. They could not, however, overcome the opposition of the committee. The tone of the hearings was a clear al of the outcome, and, as expected, the committee csntennial no action. Albright did attempt to secure another hearing, but when that failed the bill died in committee. In Marcha new president, Herbert C.

Hoover, was inaugurated. Within weeks Albright initiated discussions regarding transfer of War Department areas with the new secretaries of War and Interior, John W. Good and Ray Best hooker in cathedral city. Wilbur further indicated that President Hoover intended to seek authority from Congress for a general reorganization of the executive centennial classified personal services.

He assured Albright that any reorganization would include transferring "historic sites from other agencies" to the National Park Service. Mitchell, requesting his opinion as to whether such an action could be taken without specific legislative authority.

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In October Secretary Wilbur sent an Interior Department plan to an interdepartmental coordinating committee created to evaluate such proposals. Included in Wilbur's reorganization plan was a request to transfer "historic sites and structures in other departments, especially the War Department" to the National Park Service.

It was not until Junehowever, that Congress finally provided him with the specific authority he needed to proceed. Included were some, but not all, elements of the Interior Department's reorganization plan submitted three years earlier. The proposal would have created a of divisions within Interior. The decision not to include either in a general reorganization proposal was certainly a wise one. The legislation that provided President Hoover with the authority to reorganize the executive branch included a provision requiring that the proposals be forwarded to Congress for sixty days before becoming effective.

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It should not have been surprising to anyone that a broad-ranging reorganization such as the one he proposed would not be approved. Earlier in the year, another bill, H. Collins of Mississippi, provided for transfer of the War Department parks and monuments to the Department of the Interior. Reorganization of The change in administrations in March posed potentially serious problems for the National Park Service's campaign to unify administration of all national parks and monuments.

From the beginning the Service had stood above partisan politics. Despite the fact that he diligently sought to preserve that tradition, Horace Albright had become identified closely enough centennial classified personal services the Hoover administration that he harbored some concern that he would be replaced by the incoming administration.

Ickes, President Roosevelt's choice as Secretary of the Interior, asked Albright to stay on, however. Within a short time, Albright would emerge as a close and influential advisor to the irascible Secretary of the Interior. Within free flirt chat in bellevue after Ickes had taken office and begun to settle in his new job, Albright had won his approval of the proposal.

On April 9,Albright was among the invited guests on an excursion to former President Hoover s camp on the Rapidan River in nearby Virginia.