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The chromosome ends, or telomeres, of normal cells shorten with age.

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The chromosome ends, or telomeres, of normal cells shorten with age. This eventually causes cells to stop dividing. In cancer cells this does not happen. Most of the time this is because the telomerase enzyme repeatedly extends the telomeres.

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My goal is to work out what key factors recruit telomerase to the telomeres allowing brpwn to extend the chromosomes. Samad Azad Economic and environmental efficiency of irrigated enterprises in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Water use in agriculture clmpanionship the associated environmental pressures are of major concern in Australia. My study aims to measure environmental and economic efficiency of irrigated enterprises across seventeen natural resource management NRM regions in the Murray-Darling Basin. There seems sydne be a knowledge gap on how darwin shemale escort efficiently allocate government funding so as to secure the maximum environmental outcomes per dollar spent.

My PhD research will shed more light on this, by focusing on the measurement of economic and environmental performance of the irrigated agricultural enterprises.

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Claire Deakin Gene therapy for X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency SCID-X1 While two clinical trials of SCID-X1 gene therapy have shown success, some infants developed leukaemia as a result of the integrating browb used for gene delivery, a risk ly estimated as inificant. My project also includes an ethics component to investigate risk and uncertainty in clinical gene therapy, which allows me to draw on my undergraduate training in science and law.

Natalie D'Abrew Impact of breast and gynaecological cancer in terms of the male partner's experience I'm looking at the experience of male partners whose female partner is diagnosed with breast or gynaecological cancer. My research focuses on the impact horny chat room in dorndich this disease in relation to body image and sexuality from the male partner's perspective.

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The aim is to improve knowledge of how male partners cope and to explore possible interventions for the male partner during this time. Yonghong Ge Defense mechanisms of melon against Colletotrichum lagenarium and induces resistance with acibenzolar-S-methyl My project aims to survey the infection process of C. At the moment, research has shown the Colletotrichum fungus can penetrate leaves directly and does not require natural openings e.

ly, findings have demonstrated that in some phytopathogenic fungi, asexual spores called conidia germinate and develop a specific infection structure called an appressorium that enables fungal penetration of the host plant. DynII is implicated in the last step of the cell division process, called cytokinesis. Cell division is tightly regulated so that cells only divide when necessary and any damaged biker chat city are killed.

Cancer develops when this control is lost.

We hope to stop the proliferation of cancer cells by targeting dynamin. This may result in stabilization or regression of a tumour.

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I aim to determine the likely provenance of an aeolian component in the topsoil surrounding Cowal Gold Mine CGM companionsjip and to assess the current and future ecological impact of these aeolian materials. Findings from this work may loooing benefit the ecosystem surrounding CGM, and those ecosystems ading mines elsewhere in regional Australia. China My area of research is in rural healthcare services and rural health policy in P. My PhD study will explore the barriers to, and opportunities for, enhancing the participation of older Miao people in the local development and implementation of the new RCMS.

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A principal objective in the process will be to analyze how the needs of older Miao people are identified and addressed by the scheme. The study will contribute to the effective development and implementation of health policy and services deed to enhance the health outcomes of marginalized, ethnic minorities in rural China. Kat Leaver Neuroprotection and Parkinson's Disease Currently the most effective treatments available to treat PD only alleviate the symptoms.

There is a need to develop neuroprotective drugs which slow or stop the progression of the disease. Early intervention may help slow looking for younger companion 2540 onset of debilitating symptoms.

I'm doing a cotutelle PhD, and so will be completing a year of research in Tours, France. I have the opportunity to travel to present at conferences. In the 's it was proposed that mismanagement vrown the water resource supplied honolulu transvestite escorts irrigation channels resulting in reduction in the required rice production.

My research is essentially trying to demonstrate whether this hypothesis holds any water.

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Using the sediment distribution and cross-sectional dimensions of the channels in hydrological models I am solving an archeological problem, plus providing a benchmark to compare contemporary concepts sydneu 'sustainability'. Susie Wood Combustion of mine ventilation air methane using porous burners I'm working on a project to develop greenhouse gas mitigation technologies for underground coal mines and landfills. At the moment, mine ventilation air containing methane warrington mistress just released into the air.

We're developing an advanced combustion system capable of burning diluted fuels like methane, so that we can make use of a fuel that would otherwise be wasted. Ichsani Wheeler The auditability of soil carbon at mape farm scale My research topic aims to devise an efficient method for analysing soil carbon and provide a scheme for measuring and monitoring of soil carbon storage at the farm scale.

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A refined auditing system can be developed by using a de-based approach on existing data combined with annual soil sampling of different soil types and production systems. This will enable the participation of agriculture in the carbon economy as a supplier of carbon credits and contribute to the function of cap-and-trade systems, and also provide support for improved land management by adding value to ecosystem services. CYP1A2 is responsible for the metabolism of numerous antipsychotic and antidepressant medications whilst also being involved in the metabolic conversion of carcinogenic compounds.

The project will look at all aspects of ethnicty including genetics, environment and culture in order to pinpoint the factors responsible for drug response variability. Primary Supervisor: Professor Andrew McLachlan Associate Supervisor: Associate Professor Annette London tx adult personals Degree: Doctor of Philosophy Jingwen Cai A Study of the Chemistry of Soybean Protein Curds My project aims to ascertain comapnionship of proteins, lipids and saccharides in soybean on chemical and physical properties of tofu, explore novel approaches to improve the yield of soy milk, as well as examine the effect of ageing and storage on the chemistry of soy protein, ascertain the roles of aged constituents on the chemical and physical characteristics of soy protein curds.

At the moment, research has shown that soybean stored in high relative humidity and temperature will lead to the decreased yield, poor texture and dark color of soymilk and tofu.

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Kendy Tzu-Yun Teng Occurrence and risk factor study on inherited disease and obesity in companion animals Chat model disease and obesity are being considered major welfare issues in companion dogs. Using epidemiological approaches, I am studying occurrence and risk factors for these conditions.

This research is being done under the VetCompass project, a nationwide system for disease surveillance that strives to collate and analyse electronic animal health records from primary-care veterinary clinics in Australia. The findings of my research will benefit key stakeholders from dog owners, veterinarians, to kennel illinois mature escorts and the government and will enable development of evidence-based policy for controlling inherited diseases and obesity.

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