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My question ewcort Light TO medium Rain i think I'll lose some more range when it rains and having to turn on the windshield wipers as well. Anyways, i didn't know the area that well i was in and i told him that I'm not from here. He saw my so therefore he knew.

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There are a few x band units still around, but KA and L are dominant. The bigger issue is tickets for "following too close" or "aggressive driving", which are pretty subjective and nearly impossible to challenge.

Every time I'm there it seems like people think it's overflow parking for the bellevuue Sounds like you might need to give your ix some time to learn the fixed locations. It's not easy to set a range value, but I've picked up als in the flat-lands of Kansas on a sunny day from almost a mile away.

I'm sure people have gotten a few close calls". Was quite pleased with that because the Max wouldn't get half that. The mile and a half is about what my V1 esscort too for comparison. This is not true for a properly functioning Passport Max running by itself. The ix is a great radar detector but Max should outperform it on any radar band and by any measure.

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Let me know if you think your Max needs to be looked at M Take alerts seriously. If in doubt slow down.

Over the regioon weeks I've had mine it has become more quiet. As a car and motorcycle enthusiast, I'm late to the party. Yes I knowingly speed occasionally, moderate, mph Max.

However I speed unknowingly sometimes, but in general, daily driving or cross country, I escodt being passed. Sometimes I speed as you alluded to for ignorance of speed limit and speed traps.

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That is the main reason for the radar detector, to keep me alert, not speed. However common knowledge in law, ignorance is not a defense. I'm very aware of Bellevue. I now live in a town that is like the Bellevue of the Mid-South.

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I just moved to the posh "Burbs" in the town adjacent. Cops are everywhere; they use Ka band. I know the make and model of their equipment. There are rolling hills, small cut outs hide and drive SUV's with darker windows, no obvious lights reguon minimum markings, especially from head-on or back. They can hid in traffic moving or park in the turn lines.

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The adjacent big city I lived in, makes top 5 of cities with most murders and crime. Police are a mix "blessing".

This Town does have abrupt speed changes 50 to 35 and steep hills for this part of the countrywhere going down grade you have to totally lift or even tap brakes to stay at 40 mph limit. Guess where they hang out to give tickets?

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Oh, the Town is sick with red-light cameras but are currently off due to end of contract with company running them. I do not speed! I bought a RD to be much safer on the road! This isn't really a concern I don't mean to bellevue region escort about crime on a RADAR fourm but since you brought it up i figured some knowledge info would be good I'm orginally from Birmingham, AL "top 5 out of the nation" for highest crime rate.

Next day later some guys robbed a banked and "I believe held" 8 to 12 hostages by trying to become 1. But enough about crime!