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Bangor escorts 110

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Outward the swinging fo'c'sle's reel, From the smoking sea's white glare upon the strand.

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Outward the swinging fo'c'sle's bangot, From the smoking sea's white glare upon the strand. John's, Newfoundland Newfiejohn to Londonderry Its name came from the red and white striped band that decorated the funnels of the destroyers and corvettes were ased to it.

Sarty, p. According to Whitley, p. They were relatively lightweight destroyers -- fast but not especially heavily armed.

Both had served in the Mediterranean before going to Canada Whitley, pp. The four corvettes were all apparently members of the British "Flower" class, although many were built in Canada Bangor escorts 110 launched in Britain in ; Arvida in Quebec in ; Kitchener in British Columbia in ; Lenton, pp. The "Flowers" weren't that much smaller than true destroyers about versus about tonsbut much less capable one 4-inch gun versus four or more 4. It was the quantity of 'Flowers' that made erhard mn milf personals so important -- decisive, by some s -- rather than any quality.

Intended for coastal work, the AS [antisubmarine] emergency in the Atlantic bangor escorts 110 them into mid-ocean where they displayed their ability to gather seawater, roll excessively, and discomfort their crews" Worth, p. Canadian corvettes were also somewhat behind the times: "The corvettes at the heard of the NEF [Newfoundland Escort Force] had the sea-keeping capability an the range to steam across the Atlantic with ease, but they were otherwise poorly prepared for war.

The 4-inch main gun retrieved from First World War stocks was standard for all corvettes, but the original British plan called for a 2-pounder gun aft [about 1.

Canadian corvettes made due with a smattering of. British corvettes were fitted with a gyrocompass and could quickly upgrade their asdics [sonar] to modern standards. Canadian corvettes carried magnetic compasses and were therefore limited to the type A asdic, obsolete since the early s The Royal Navy also quickly modified its corvettes with extended forecastles to make them safer and drier; the RCN waited two full years before commencing a modernization program for its early corvettes" Milner, p.

As Lamb, p. Sea water sloshed into mess decks, officers' cabins, wardrooms, everywhere. The vessel was not fast enough to catch a U-boat on the surface, and it was originally equipped with obsolete asdic and escortd magnetic compass totally unsuited for anti-submarine work.

When U-boats started to carry It often seemed that the best a corvette could do was to ram a submarine, at great risk to itself" Bercuson, pp. One sailor quipped that corvette crews should get submariners' pay because the "spent so much time underwater" Milner, p.

Lamb, pp. Into two triangular compartments about 33 feet by 22 feet at their greatest dimensions are bangor escorts 110 some sixty-odd men; each has for his living space -- eating, sleeping, relaxing -- a seat on the cushioned bench which runs around the outer perimeter of each messdeck. There is a box beneath the seat for his clothing, and a metal dirty-box -- something like an old-fashioned hatbox -- seeking arrangement profiles his personal things in a rack above.

The space where he slings his hammock -- carefully selected by the older hands and jealously guarded -- is 18 inches beneath the deck-head, or another hammock Crowded in harbour and stuffy, the messdecks at sea are like some bendigo indian independent escort of Hades. There is absolutely no fresh air; all the ports, open in harbour, are dogged down and blanked over at sea, and in heavy weather even the cowl ventilators from the upper deck have to be babgor off With the hammocks slung, there is hardly room anywhere to stand upright, and there is moisture everywhere.

They didn't even get the best officers; the handful of regulars of the Royal Canadian Navy served in the big ships, while the reserves and the recruits served the corvettes Bercuson, p.

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Lamb, p. With the galley fires constantly doused, a hot mean was a rarity This life was debilitating, draining banor of their energy and grinding them into a numbing tiredness" Bercuson, p.

The lack of speed was the result of their simple construction; they were based on a civilian whale-catching vessel, the Southern Pride Lenton, p. For the Admiralty It probably didn't wairarapa escorts that some of them were actually built on the Great Lakes and sailed down the Saint Laurence to serve at sea Milner, p.

But her lack of modern technology had resulted in several failures as an escort Bercuson, pp. She did at least manage to be memorable for her ship's crest, which was a "crowned lady falling on her backside in a puddle" wscorts Wetaskiwin could be mispronounced "wet-ass-queen" Lamb, p.