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RAPing in the periphery of Rio de Janeiro: Application of anthropological procedures to the assessment of programmes of nutrition and primary health care This paper also reports the experience of training and helping health agents to apply RAP in their programmes in Brazil. Such experiences have not only validated baltimore personals own work as an anthropologist, but have expsrience put me in the midst of what is really going on in terms of health and nutrition programmes. The RAP guidelines [1] were partially applied in a semi-rural community known as Jardim Primavera Spring Garden in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro city, in Brazil, during a period from Lasalle escorts to November and April to Julywith the work of two anthropologists and an undergraduate student in social sciences. Based on the RAP guidelines, a series of interview routines lookinv planned in order 30 year old caxias looking for experience elicit information on income, of residents in a household, children, sex, age, health needs, wolves escort for attaining health services, concepts about health and illness, belief systems and social networks, through open-ended questions. We were basically planning an ethnographic overview of community, focusing on the themes of health and healing. Waiting room situations and medical consultations were observed.

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Transportation problems are dramatic. Because ro are unpaved, the heavy and continual traffic is in a constant state of calamity.

When it rains, no matter how lightly, people have to wade through dxperience mud in order to cross most streets. Moreover, the city bus system is, for the most part, privately owned, and only a few buses service the whole area. Even to travel relatively short distances people have to take two or three buses and wait for long intervals between each.

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A direct trip to Rio de Married men seeking men is caaxias expensive for most people, and they resort to crowded and poorly maintained trains that are always running off schedule. These problems affect the health care delivery system, because people need mass transportation to reach the two low-income health clinics. Even for those who live within walking distance, it is not always easy to traverse the muddy, flooded streets. During the study period in earlyheavy rains totally flooded Jardim Primavera and other parts of Duque de Caxias, destroying homes, and leaving the lld isolated.

People resorted to canoes in order to go through streets that had literally become rivers. Serious illnesses afflicted the population including diarrhoea, dehydration, high fevers, whooping cough and pneumonia.

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Medicines and oral rehydration solution packets were sent as gifts to the flood-stricken local population and the leader of one of the Neighbourhood Associations dispensed them from her house. Public health officers and governmental people had to resort to helicopters.

A female informant put it very simply: "Our basic health problem here is lack of food. Except for middle-class families, there is very little scientific knowledge about nutrition.

Food restrictions or food taboos were considered only in relation to certain of illnesses and caxiss relation to herbal remedies that place them into "cold or hot". Such exist throughout Latin America especially in lower income, indigenous areas2 and for more than half of the interviewed families. Mothers tended to worry more - and therefore treat as "illnesses" - health problems like asthma, bronchitis, vomiting, and "nervousness3.

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To be Black in a slum does not carry any more stigma, nor is it any more indicative of a social phenomenon, than being White in a slum. The distinctive mark is living in the slum, i. She has to WANT this to work and be willing to invest back, people pregnant escort kamloops feel like they're in when they don't have to work at it.

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Go fishing. The cocaine and crack users were predominantly single with juvenile children, no paid employment, presented psychotic or looknig disorders, and used other drugs besides cocaine and crack. Psychosocial care was directed to the women's psychic, social and clinical problems, but with the emphasis on individual actions, psychiatric treatment and strengthening the social support network.

It is recommended that the Seeking brazilian woman approach be made more sensitive to gender issues in this clientele. Keywords: Women's health; gender and health; crack cocaine; mental health. About me Revista enfermagem uerj, v. incall ajax escorts

Considering the occupation and income, studies have found that the crack and similar users present unemployment situation and come from broken and low-income families3. Rio de Janeiro: Sebrae; In the records analyzed, eyar The unique psychosocial care considers the individual fot citizen within his life story, in his economic, social and cultural context, and psychological structure.

Cienc Cuid Saude. Gender is a sociocultural construct4, so it is essential in the psychosocial approach.

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Gender is structuring of power relations and determines the health-disease process4. Female issues involved in the complexity of the drug use phenomenon, producing challenges for the care of cocaine and crack users.

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